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Cobra insurance for my wife
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Q:  I have Oxford Liberty insurance form my work. My wife is 62years and she is on this polycy. In August I will be 65 years and will take medicare. As I understaood I will not be allowed to continue the employer's insurance. Can my wife have Cobra insurance for 18 month after I will get medicare? Thanks a lot in advance for you answer. Sincerely, Anatoly Lipkin./ I need answer on my question because insurance agent told to my emloyer that because i will drop coverage voluntary , my wife will not be eligible for cobra. Is it so?

A:  Once you are entitled to Medicare you are no longer allowed to continue on the employer’s group health plan through COBRA. You are not able to have Medicare and COBRA.  However,  your  spouse and dependents will still be eligible for COBRA.  On the COBRA election form from your employer it will allow you to continue the coverage for your spouse and dependents for up to a total of 36 months.
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