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What is Phone Number to COBRA?
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The Basics you need to know:

·         COBRA Insurance is not a company.   It is a Law.

·         COBRA Insurance through your former employer is Very Expensive.  You are now responsible for the entire cost of your own Health Insurance.  Your employer can even charge additional % of premiums for administrative cost.

·         We have aided Thousands of People, thousands of Employers, and even the US Department of Labor.

·         The COBRA Insurance website is designed to help you sort out Your Specific Situation options.

Relax; we are the COBRA insurance experts. We will sort out this mess for you. If at any time you have a question do not be afraid to call us. (1-877-279-7959 8am - 5pm CST)

Follow this link to find out More about COBRA.

Official COBRA Insurance Website

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