COBRA Guard provides automated, web-based COBRA administration - the most advanced outsourced solution available.
Whether you are a large corporation with multiple COBRA administrators, a small company with concerns about compliance or a provider of benefits services with a need to offer COBRA administration services to your clients, Cobra Guard can help.

COBRA Administration
Outsourcing with CobraGuard

Outsourcing is a relationship that allows your company to perform business processes productively and cost-effectively. For critical, legally required processes like COBRA administration, outsourcing provides you with the assurance that your company is in compliance with the law, and with considerable cost savings over performing COBRA Administration in-house.

When a company outsources a business process, it transfers responsibility – and accountability for results – to its provider. An outsourcer like CobraGuard improves the way a business process, such as COBRA administration, is done. Software applications that eliminate manual or paper-based processes are an example of how an outsourced service provider improves a business process.

How Are Outsourced Services Provided?

Outsourced service providers that offer Web-based access to their applications can provide the greatest convenience and cost savings, because they automate tedious, manual processes and make reports and information easily accessible. CobraGuard offers the most advanced, secure and fully automated COBRA administration services over the Web.

Why Outsource with Cobra Guard?

Outsourcing your Cobra Administration through CobraGuard is an efficient, cost-effective way to ensure your company is in compliance with COBRA regulations:

Increased Productivity: By eliminating time-consuming, confusing, manual COBRA compliance, such as manual preparation and mailing of notifications, paper document storage and employee history and eligibility tracking, Cobra Guard allows you to access and maintain your company's COBRA activity faster and more accurately.

Specialized Expertise: A relationship with Cobra Guard provides your company with the most advanced software applications without having to plan for upgrades or install new releases.

Rapid Implementation and Access: With Cobra Guard, there are no installation or infrastructure expenses - the hardware, software and technology infrastructure are already in place. This means that your company can implement a COBRA administration solution and realize the benefits in a very short time.

Predictable, Affordable Costs: A relationship with Cobra Guard provides you with the most advanced COBRA compliance system while eliminating the need for a major capital expenditure. Cobra Guard ensures your company's COBRA compliance with affordable, monthly rates.
COBRA Administration